Art in Motion Academy of Dance

Norton MA

Viewing and purchasing overview:

  1. 2017 photos are now available in the gallery.
  2. Know your gift certificate code. The deposit you paid when you booked your appointment will be credited to your account at the payment option phase of the checkout process. This year’s deposits have been added to last year’s credit if you forgot to use your code last year or have any credit leftover. Select GIFT CERTIFICATE, and enter your unique code, configured as:
    DANCE STUDIO CODE (AIM)-FIRST THREE LETTERS OF DANCER’S LAST NAME-LAST 4 DIGITS OF PHONE NUMBER. So my code, for example, would be AIM-NYM-1656. Be sure to use upper case letters, and don’t forget the dashes. If you forget to put in your code, just drop me an email and I’ll be able to issue a refund manually.
  3. Order photos by Sunday, April 30, to receive the discounted session pricing as advertised below.
  4. Photos will be delivered to your mailing address in a few weeks.
  5. If you gave permission to post photos online during the registration process, I will post your purchased photos in a Facebook album. I just ask that you please refrain from removing the logo in the bottom right corner when you repost them elsewhere.

Portrait session overview:

  1. Register now with a $20 deposit per time slot, with one outfit/dancer per slot.
  2. Go to your dance studio for your individual session times, dressed and ready for portraits. For makeup, please keep in mind that portrait makeup is different than stage makeup. Less is probably more, and please avoid the use of glittery makeup. Avoid bra straps or undergarments that will show under your costume.
  3. Competition and team dancers will also have group photos on Friday evening between 5pm and 6pm.

Previous years’ recital photos are still available for purchase in the gallery at higher archived pricing.



May my dancer have a few photos taken with a friend or group of friends?
Yes, we try to build in enough wiggle room in the schedule to make this easy. For your convenience, just try to schedule your appointments close together.
What if we have a million and a half outfits?
Please repeat the process to book multiple sessions. We'll have another dancer go in for their pictures while your dancer changes outfits.
How do I view and purchase the photos?
Check back here a few days after the session for further instructions


Book Portrait Sessions

Comp/Team: April 6, 2018; General: April 7, 2018

Save the dates for next year: April 6-7, 2018. Booking will reopen in February.