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Photos have now been posted, but before we get to the link, please read these instructions carefully:

1. READ READ READ READ READ Your “gift certificate” code to get your deposit credited is DKDS-[FIRST 3 LETTERS OF DANCER’S LAST NAME]-[LAST 4 PHONE DIGITS]. So, if my dancer’s name is Michelle Nyman and my phone is 508-414-1656, then my code would be DKDS-NYM-1656. We tried to use the oldest child’s name and the first phone number you provided. If you still can’t get it to work, contact me at PLEASE NOTE: This code should be entered in the “how to pay” section during the the last phase of the ordering process. It is NOT a coupon code and it can NOT be entered to find your child’s photos. ALSO NOTE: If you forgot to use last year’s code or never placed an order, the value has been rolled into this year’s credit.

2. These are proofs and have not all been individually cropped, rotated, exposure adjusted, or retouched in any way. Ordered photos will be given the full treatment.

3. Hence, rest assured that where the backdrop borders can be seen, all ordered photos will be cropped or reconstructed as needed to make the portrait ideal for the size of the photo ordered. You will have the opportunity to suggest a crop at some point during the ordering process, but this is only necessary if you want an unconventional crop, such as cropping closer to the face on a full body photo.

4. MINOR facial retouching will be done as needed, but there are no guarantees that I will notice what you will notice, so please leave a note with the photo with details about what you want done. I will NOT remove braces.

5. Discounted prices will remain in effect through June 15, 2016.

6. ORDERING TIP: For multi-pose digital file and books, select your desired photos BEFORE you select the product you wish to order. You can do it the other way, but it is a little more work

7. Let me know if any photos seem to be missing. A simple typo can lead to incorrect placements in the galleries, and we’ll get it fixed right away. You may also try typing “unknown” or “group” into the search box.

And finally, the gallery:

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May 24-26, June 1


If you have any trouble with these steps here, you might try booking directly from the booking site or call 508-414-1656. I'll usually be able to get back to you within a few hours.
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  • Pay your deposit through the PayPal link using your credit card or your existing PayPal account.
  • You should receive a confirmation email soon and a reminder email about a day before your appointment.