Since things have been slowing down lately, we spent the afternoon at a local coffee shop in Shrewsbury. Enjoying the free Wi-Fi, we attempted to view a marketing webinar. A bagel and two large frozen mochas later, we found ourselves not too excited to finish said webinar and decided to brainstorm together for some fresh marketing ideas instead. New target audience? Maybe. Newsletters? Possibly. Additional social media? Perhaps. Magnetic business cards? They make those?! A blog? Let’s do it!

On top of creating our brilliant new ideas, we also spent the afternoon finishing up some of the last senior portrait orders of the year. Bittersweet. But as fall is rolling in beautifully, we can enjoy the vibrant scenery that serves as a change in background for our outdoor photoshoots. With a few Dancers in the Parks scheduled in the next couple of weeks, we are excited to take advantage of what autumn has to offer.



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