Notre Dame Academy

Worcester, Massachusetts

Dear Notre Dame Academy Parents,

Thanks for the privilege of being NDA’s yearbook photographer for the last six years. I’ve enjoyed going to the many assemblies, sporting events, concerts, and theater productions throughout the years, and my staff and I looked forward to getting to know the students even more during the senior portrait sessions that happened over the summer. One of the advantages to being around throughout the school year is that students will be a little more comfortable when it’s their turn in front of the camera, which makes for a much more enjoyable and natural session for everyone. And that means better portraits!

Despite NDA’s decision to go with a different yearbook provider that includes senior portrait photography, I hope you’ll still choose to book your sessions with me this summer. Download the packet to find detailed instructions, timelines, and helpful hints to make your student’s senior portrait experience a stress-free and successful one. so please take a careful look through the following pages, and don’t hesitate to call or email with further questions.

Download the senior portrait information packet (986KB).

Book your senior portrait session, or call 508-414-1656 to discuss custom date or location options.

Visit the school year photo gallery.

Book Portrait Sessions

Sessions currently available through Sept 7


  • Choose your type of appointment from the “Portraits on Location” or “Portraits in Studio” options. Then hit the “Next” button in the lower right corner. If you’d like to discuss custom options or have any questions, please call 508-414-1656.
  • Choose an available date from the calendar.
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  • Login with your Facebook or Google+ account or create an appointy account.
  • Fill in the appropriate information.
  • Pay your sitting fee through the PayPal link using a credit card or your existing PayPal account.
  • You should receive a confirmation email soon and a reminder email about a day before your appointment.