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Below you will find detailed instructions, timelines, and helpful hints to make your student’s senior portrait experience a stress-free and successful one, so please take a careful look through these steps, and don’t hesitate to call or email with further questions.

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Product Pricing

Session fees are additional, and paid at the time of booking, starting at $200 for Worcester locations

Helpful Hints

Sitting fees vary slightly by distance from Worcester.

Most students choose to have their photos taken on location, so we have several popular options at local parks to choose from. You may also choose a custom option if you have your own location in mind. We welcome your creative ideas, so let us know how we can enhance and fulfill your senior portrait hopes.

Each on-location shoot is 50 minutes long, and includes up to 3 outfits. Please do your best to arrive at the meeting place on time. If we have someone scheduled in the slot immediately after yours, we will not cut their session short.

Try to aim for at least one classic and timeless outfit. Solid, primary color shirts match well with jeans or khakis. Your future children and grandchildren will inevitably get a chuckle at what you thought looked good way back in 2019, but at least try not to end up as a “#11 made my jaw drop” on Buzzfeed.

Outfit changes: Plan on changing quickly so you have more time for pictures.

Hair and makeup: natural is probably better: Wear your hair and makeup like you normally would, chances are you’ll be happier with your photos!

Originality: If you have some ideas of your own, don’t be afraid to speak your mind, preferably in advance of the session so we can help you with any details or special considerations.

At the end of your photo shoot, you will make an appointment with one of Mike’s assistants for a viewing & purchasing session. This session lasts 1-2 hours and typically takes place within 2 weeks of the photo shoot, either at your home, or a mutually agreed upon coffee shop.

This session is the time at which the yearbook photo is chosen, as well as when all photos/products will be purchased. Please come prepared to do so, as we will not be placing photos online for purchasing.

If all family members must have a say in which photos will be chosen, make an appointment time that will accommodate everyone. There will be a $25 service charge if you need to schedule a second viewing session.

If you only have certain size photos on display in your home, know what sizes they are so you can order the same size at the viewing & purchasing session.

Coming with a list of all people who will be receiving photos (i.e.: multiple aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends, etc.) can help with the confusion of placing large orders.

Cash, checks, credit and debit cards accepted. Payment balance is due at the time of purchase.


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