Levitation – Behind the Curtain

Start with a dancer with strong abs, a stool, and a compelling scene.

Capture lots and lots of images of the dancer shaking her hair all over the place, and choose one that will match the original photo.

Make sure to have an image of the scene without the dancer, to help with removing the stool.

Combine the images with some fairly simple but detailed photoshop work.

Convert to black and white.

Talia’s Senior Portraits, Interrupted

The original plan was for some quick headshots in the studio, followed by senior portraits and an outdoor dance session at Moore State Park in Paxton. But after only a few minutes at the park, we got caught in a sudden and torrential downpour (see photos 2 to 4), so we scrapped the rest of the senior photos for another day and went for some postdiluvian dance shots. Fun.

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