Levitation – Behind the Curtain

Start with a dancer with strong abs, a stool, and a compelling scene.

Capture lots and lots of images of the dancer shaking her hair all over the place, and choose one that will match the original photo.

Make sure to have an image of the scene without the dancer, to help with removing the stool.

Combine the images with some fairly simple but detailed photoshop work.

Convert to black and white.

Dancers in the Parks Mini Sessions

The postponed dance portrait season has begun, moved outdoors for greater safety from Covid-19.

Book your session now.

The Secret Garden

Photos from Commonwealth Ballet Company’s production of The Secret Garden are now available for viewing and purchase. Pricing increases after Sunday, March 29, so order soon.

Move for the Movement

Six shows, sixty dance groups, two hundred performances, and several hundred more dancers, all to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. Go to Move for the Movement for more information about the event.

Photos from the shows may be viewed and purchased, with all profits made through February going back to M4TM, in the M4TM gallery.

A few favorites from the shows:

PMD Nutcracker Rehearsal

Taking photos from the wings is the best. Special guest Mamuka Kikalishvili, ion the role of the nutcracker, from Festival Ballet Providence.

A few favorites below, with the rest available for viewing and purchase in the gallery.

[origincode_photo_gallery_wp id=”1″]

CBC Nutcracker – Casts A and B

Photos from the first two casts are now available for viewing and purchase in the password-protected gallery.