Patti Eisenhower Dance Center

Franklin MA

Online Ordering

Current year photos are now ready for viewing and ordering. Read on to get to the link.

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. These are proofs. All purchased photos will get the full treatment, including optimized cropping and/or recreating floors and backgrounds.
  2. Older photos, including from previous years, will appear first after you search for your dancer.
  3. Lost the password? Drop me a text at 508-414-1656.
  4. If you have a booking deposit, please complete your order, then drop me an email requesting a booking deposit refund.

And finally, the gallery.

Previous years’ recital photos are still available for purchase in the gallery at higher archived pricing.


May my dancer have a few photos taken with a friend or group of friends?
Yes, we try to build in enough wiggle room in the schedule to make this easy. For your convenience, just try to schedule your appointments close together.
What if we have a million and a half outfits?
Please repeat the process to book multiple sessions. We'll have another dancer go in for their pictures while your dancer changes outfits.
How do I view and purchase the photos?
Several assistants will walk you through the process in the waiting room immediately after the photo sessions.


Pricing shown here is in-person, same day as session. Online and additional orders are higher.

Download the 2020 pricing sheet (150KB pdf).

Book Portrait Sessions

November 9 + 16, 2018


If you have any trouble with these steps here, you might try booking directly from the booking site or call 508-414-1656. I'll usually be able to get back to you within a few hours.
Tip: Some people have said the process is easier if you login at the beginning of the process.

  • Select your dance studio from the options given, then hit the "Next" button in the lower right corner.
  • Choose an available date from the calendar.
  • Choose an available time for that date.
  • Login with your Facebook or Google+ account, or create an appointy account.
  • Fill in the appropriate information.
  • Pay your deposit through the PayPal link using your credit card or your existing PayPal account.
  • You should receive a confirmation email soon and a reminder email about a day before your appointment.